Specializing in the production of vacuum blister
Mainly used in automobiles, electronics, toys, stationery, instruments, display platform, handicrafts, machinery and hardware





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ABS thick sheet blister! Shell blister! Thick blister products! Large blister manufacturers

ABS thick sheet blister! Shell blister! Thick blister products! Large blister manufacturers

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ABS thick sheet blister! Shell blister! Thick blister products! Large blister manufacturers
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Xiamen Taicheng Plastic Co., LTD. Is an enterprise with more than 20 years of experience specializing in the production and processing of a variety of plastic blow-molding products. Blister products are used in all kinds of food, medicine, clothing, arts and crafts, toys, daily necessities, hardware, electronic industry and other internal packaging and containers.
12. Thick vacuumThermoforming Vacuum plates -- as the name implies, by taking advantage of thick plates or sheets, which are vacuum-negative pressure, the heated and softened plates or sheets are adsorbed on the surface of the mould so that they basically fit into the mould and form its shape. The excess trimming is then removed by a plate cutter, die cutter, stamping machine, or any type of trimming machine to create the desired shape. The process has the advantages of low mold cost, short production period and short mold development time. Greatly reduce product cost and development cycle. Products according to the customer request production of various specifications of size, to ensure that your product assembly precision, mainly used in automobiles, electronics, toys, stationery, equipment, furnishings, handicrafts, mechanical hardware industry, compared to thick slices blister processing and injection molding processing, not only the mould cost is low, and the production cycle is short, especially for products in the development period and growth period of users solve from the production of small batch production problem of high cost, companies with solid strength, reasonable prices, excellent service and many enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation, we sincerely welcome the from all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business.
Over the years, the company always adhere to the "full participation, supporting service customer first, technology excellence, improve the quality of personnel." Management policy. Over the past ten years, the company has produced a series of products with the thickness of up to millimeters such as PVC, PET, PP, PS, BOPS, ABS, PC, PE, PETG and so on. We provide our customers with cylindrical packaging boxes, hand-made boxes, plastic soft film packaging and acrylic organic board display stands. Undertake injection type thick film, design thickness up to 1CM.
Our company strives for the one-stop professional service of supporting products and varieties and sincere cooperation with customers from all walks of life to create a better future.

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