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ABS plastic sheet, ABS color sheet, ABS sheet environmental protection insulation material

ABS plastic sheet, ABS color sheet, ABS sheet environmental protection insulation material

Release time:2019-09-15 08:30
ABS sheet material introduction
1. Material specifications
Thickness: 0.80mm-6.00mm, maximum width: 700mm, length: unlimited
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2. Variety of materials
1. Printing plate: suitable for outdoor advertising printing grade other printing products.
2. Color sheet: the production of positive and negative color and color required on a variety of color CARDS, can be with pearl.
3. ABS skin sheet: Xiamen Dacheng Plastic Co., LTD can produce all kinds of sheet with pattern, such as coarse pattern, fine pattern and smooth surface. Widely used in mechanical housing, advertising printing and other industries.
4. ABS coated sheet: Xiamen Dacheng Plastic Co., LTD. 's coated sheet is composed of PE film ABS sheet, PE film is selected for high temperature resistant film. The material can be peeled off without glue after blister forming to effectively prevent scratches on the surface of the product. Surface PE film can also choose a variety of printing patterns, after molding not peeling. Case: sanitary ware sheet, advertisement printing sheet, impact sheet.
5. Anti-static sheet: Our company produces anti-static sheet, widely used in electronic pallet blister, surface resistance up to 10 to the power of 4-12. Advantages: affordable price, disadvantages: affected by the weather, such as the impression of the weather can choose conductive or permanent antistatic tablets.
6. Decorative piece: can be produced according to decorative patterns, commonly used in indoor decoration. Buy ABS sheet looking for Xiamen Dacheng
7. Flame retardant sheet: the flame retardant sheet produced by Xiamen Dacheng Plastics Co., Ltd. has been effectively applied in various equipment manufacturing industries, effectively achieving the effect of flame retardant, smoke suppression and so on. Can do HB and V0 two grades, buy ABS sheet looking for Xiamen Dacheng.
3. Use
The biggest applications of ABS resins are in automobiles, electronics and building materials. Automobile field, automobile dashboard, body exterior board, interior decoration board, steering wheel, soundproof board, door lock, bumper, ventilation pipe and many other components. It is widely used in electric appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, copiers, etc. In building materials, ABS pipe, ABS sanitary ware and ABS decorative board are widely used in building materials industry. ABS is also widely used in packaging, furniture, sports and entertainment products, machinery and instrumentation industries. Buy ABS sheet looking for Xiamen Dacheng
4. Physical and chemical properties
ABS resin (ABS is the acronym for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a thermoplastic polymer material with high strength, good toughness and easy to be processed into shape.
ABS resin is a yellowish solid with a certain toughness and a density of about 1.04~1.06 g/cm3. It anti - acid, alkali, salt corrosion ability is relatively strong, but also to a certain extent can tolerate organic solvent dissolution.
ABS resin can be normal in the environment of -25℃~60℃, and has good molding property, the processed product surface is bright and clean, easy to dye and electroplate. Buy ABS sheet looking for Xiamen Dacheng
5. Company introduction
Xiamen Dacheng Plastic Co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer with 27 years of experience in various plastic blow-forming products. Blister products are used in all kinds of food, medicine, clothing, arts and crafts, toys, daily necessities, hardware, electronic industry and other internal packaging and containers.
Over the years, the company always adhere to the "full participation, supporting service customer first, technology excellence, improve the quality of personnel." Management policy. Over the past ten years, the company has produced a series of products with the thickness of up to millimeters such as PVC, PET, PP, PS, BOPS, ABS, PC, PE, PETG and so on. We provide our customers with cylindrical packaging boxes, hand-made boxes, plastic soft film packaging and acrylic organic board display stands. Undertake injection type thick film, design thickness up to 10mm.
Our company strives for the one-stop professional service of supporting products and varieties and sincere cooperation with customers from all walks of life to create a better future. Buy ABS sheet looking for Xiamen Dacheng

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